We admit it - we're idealists. A sustainable lifestyle and a happier, safer planet seem like quite good ideas...

The purpose of The Elemental Kitchen is ultimately to promote life’s simple pleasures (like delicious food in your own unique space) and positive ideals – an ethos which we hope will have a ripple effect.

On assignments we are often privileged to spend time in truly beautiful, pristine, natural locations. This exposure helps to ensure that preserving special places and fragile eco systems for future generations remains front of mind. We also try to work and live in a way which causes as little harm as possible to human rights and the wider environment. Ideally, our ethics may even occasionally benefit people and planet...

Corporate Responsibility

The Elemental Kitchen usually provides bespoke private dining to individuals, families and friends who are enjoying a vacation or celebration in their own homes or in a holiday location. With this in mind, we don’t often have to consider any conflict of interest between our ethics and the corporate outlook of clients. However, when invited to provide our service in a corporate setting, we will not knowingly work with businesses who we believe are involved in serious environmental or human rights abuses.

Produce & Packaging

We use locally-sourced/organic/fair-trade brands and produce wherever possible.

We will avoid brands which we know to be involved in serious environmental or human rights abuses.

We promote the use of tap water and re-usable bottles, rather than single-use plastic bottles of water.

When we go to the supermarket, we consciously aim to avoid purchasing over-packaged, plastic packed items – this is not always an option but we do our best.

We take reusable shopping boxes to the supermarket to avoid using plastic bags

We recycle everything where the facilities exist.

Trains, Planes & Automobiles

Wherever possible, we like to be low impact. Our chef is very attached to his recycled and super fuel-efficient 1972 mini...but as you can imagine, that's not ideal for packing in lots of delicious produce for our bespoke hospitality assignments! Instead, we hire a very modern and fuel efficient car. When we are not on assignment, we work from home and we often take the bus, walk and cycle, which helps to reduce our carbon footprint a little.

Very occasionally, we go on foreign business trips and due to time and location, air travel is sometimes our only realistic travel option. The best we can do to offset the negative impact of air travel - which research suggests is the most polluting form of transport - is to make a donation to fund positive environmental projects. However, we know that this is far from being an ideal solution and we prefer using alternatives to air travel - we like to travel in Europe by train, ferries or camper, it’s usually more of an adventure...


If you’re interested in finding our more about environmental or ethical issues, please have a look at the links opposite, which you may find interesting and thought provoking.

Elemental Ideals

“Celebrate simple pleasures & positive ideals"
"Be The Change You Want To See In The World”
“Think Globally, Act Locally”
“Reduce, Reuse, Recycle”